Welcome to the site for PARedondo Music.  You'll find links to albums published on behalf of our artists, along with links to artists that we have collaborated with.  The 'video' page contains videos that use our published tracks. Alternatively, listen to earlier music from early projects on the 'other music' page.

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New album 'Coastal' is available now.

Track list:

  1. Presidio
  2. Tiburon
  3. Bridgeway
  4. Embarcadero
  5. Angel Island
  6. Peninsula
  7. Bonita
  8. Lands end
  9. Ocean Beach


An album by Phil Round containing four seasonally inspired instrumental tracks.

Lost Time

An album by 'Phil Round'

Everything is Landfill

An album by Phil Round

Minnaloushe is the 2017 offering from 'the zardeens', it features tracks 1&2 mixed and mastered by Simon Jones (Verve) at Faktory Studios.

Tracks 3 to 7 were recorded in Chester in 2014, and re-mixed mastered by Phil Round of PaRedondo Music 2016.